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Merchant seamen lost at sea memorial.
Welcome to the merchant navy seamen/Marines lost at sea tribute page, You will need Internet Explorer 4 or higher to view this page properly.

This page is a tribute to the Merchant seamen/marines who lost their lives during times of war.
Under each persons description you will find links to their,
Common Wealth War Graves Commission, Debt of honour page.

Where available i have added pictures of vessel, and also a picture of the Merchant seaman named in the memorial.

Add your Merchant Navy relatives.
If you had a relative who lost their life doing their duty in the merchant navy, and you would like to add them to this tribute page then please, email me their details and i will add them to this page,send me their full names,what vessel they served on,year of death,nationality. If you have a picture of your relative and a picture of the vessel they served on you can also send me those via e-mail, so they can also be added. I have already added my Greatgrand-fathers name and would like to add others to this tribute page.Also if you want a link adding to their memorial page e-mail me thier URL.

To send details click below.

Seamen lost at sea Memorial page links.

If you see a tribute page in the links below that is yours and you dont want it here email me and i will remove it.

In Memory of Able Seaman ROY HARRY DEROY-JONES

In Memory of Apprentice Seaman Angus Bannerman Robertson

In Memory of Boatswain (Bosun), Thomas McGuire

In Memory of Able Seaman, Thomas Coffey

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